Try some Sauna Therapy

I had a very healthy morning this morning. Starting with a 45 minute meditation, followed by a 12km paddle on the river, then a sauna and finished with a beautiful organic breakfast. I feel amazing.

My immune system has been the most robust it has ever been since I began having regular saunas (I try for 2 per week) about 2 years ago. Interestingly, the only period in this time I experienced a cold or flu was when I stopped them for a couple of months.

Hippocrates, the forefather of modern Western medicine said: ‘Give me the power to induce a fever, and I shall cure any disease.’

He was a clever fellow. I agree with him wholeheartedly. It is a highly under-rated modality or health measure in Australia.

For more info on saunas and sauna therapy take a look at the Pine Needle Research website or take a look at some Pine Needle Products.

PS: For those who accuse me of stealing the Hippocrates quote from this site – I wrote most of the content for these sites anyway. So I can steal from myself!!!!