The True Energy Drink

The use of caffeine both in sport or for general/everyday use has received a lot of mixed press over recent years. Whilst research is unequivocal that caffeine is a very effective means of increasing energy levels, endurance and alertness in the short term, there are also definite downsides from regular use including a wash-out of effects and a range of symptoms relating to caffeine intoxication – including and especially fatigue. It is definitely not the answer to maintaining energy levels and alertness on a day to day basis. And should never be used to achieve this function.

In this article I look at the pros and cons of using caffeine and outline how to make the most of its effects without incurring its downsides.

I discuss another, more holistic, way of viewing the issue of maintaining day to day energy levels and why these fluctuate or become drained over time.

And finally, look at an excellent alternative to caffeine for regular use that may increase energy levels, endurance & stamina and boost the immune system; but does not have a down side to regular use.

This ‘TRUE ENERGY DRINK’ provides an excellent solution for the problem of maintaining day to day energy levels without harming the body in the long term. And it allows users to make the most of the benefits of caffeine by using it the right circumstances at the right frequency.

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