CFS – in a 10 year old.

“Hi Tim,
We hope you are really well!
We just wanted to let you know how well Lincoln is going this year and he couldn’t have done it without your help. I will never forget talking to you on skype (or zoom!) and Lincoln couldn’t sit up on the stool in our kitchen for the duration of our session. This year he has been on school camp and has chosen to go on two holiday camps and came home with what every child does after camp- usual tiredness. He has played district sports for his school a few times where he has had to play footy all day. He has been through winter with minimal illness that he got over quickly- like everyone else does. I got influenza this year and was really worried he would get it too- but he didn’t. He has chosen to ride his bike home from school sometimes, which is about 9 kms. Yesterday he was representing his school again for district softball. He played all day. When we were having dinner, I asked how he was feeling as he looked a little tired. He said “I am tired.” And then he nearly jumped off the chair. With a very surprised look on his face he said “Hey! I am not sore!” He realized -for the first time that he can remember – that he wasn’t in pain after so much activity. He had almost 20,000 steps on his watch and he was ok.
Thank you so much for your assistance and your insight into CFS. It is priceless to see our once active little 6 year old, now an almost 12 year old, active again. And happy!
I can’t wait to see what he is like over the summer months when Phillip Island is at it’s best.
Thanks again,
Robyn Smith”

Nutrition and Weight Loss

“The first day I came to see you was a turning point…I was so physically and emotionally tired. But within a short time, under your guidance, I slowly but surely found myself again…I am still a work in progress.”



Post-Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

“Mickel Therapy really works!! When I first stated sessions 6 years ago, I had been practically bed ridden with post-viral chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I could barely walk to my letterbox, was too exhausted to even read and felt as though I was wearing a concrete body suit. I started off doing phone sessions with a therapist in England as there was no-one available in Australia at that time. Within a short time I was able to walk around the block and over a year later I had gained some quality of life back. However a further serious unrelated illness set me back and I let things drift for a few years before I realised I needed to pick up the threads again with Mickel Therapy. I found Tim via the internet and, once again, began to improve remarkably as I applied what I had learned. After 8 sessions my foggy brain has gone, I am doing two walks a day, and I am sleeping beautifully after years of sleeping problems. Tim has been very helpful and is easy to talk to, and I can thoroughly recommend both Tim and Mickel Therapy.”

Sue Judkins, 13/11/15

Asthma and Detoxification

“Deciding to seek assistance from Tim has been one of the most life changing decisions I have ever made.  For most of this year TIm has guided and supported me through the detox program for 6 weeks followed by respiratory therapy to address my asthma and problematic breathing.  The detox program was amazing and each day I felt improved changes in my body and general health as well as a considerable loss of weight. The dietary changes I made then are now part of my daily food intake still. I am more aware of my food intolerances and the consequences should I stray, even slightly, from healthy food options. Asthma is now past history for me and I no longer need serotide twice a day or the ventolin puffer. Tim has taught me to breathe correctly and this has made an enormous difference to my overall health. I will be forever grateful to Tim for his caring support and guidance which has given me the opportunity to enjoy optimal health.                                                                                   Rossie Stewart, September 2013′.

Asthma and Hay-Fever

I have been having problems with Asthma, Hayfever and snoring loudly at night. I went to Tim Altman for help. I am a skeptical person, so didn’t expect much. Tim taught me breathing techniques and I still went away feeling skeptical. One session down and within a week my use of ventolin had reduced from around 6 puffs a day to 1. My hayfever seemed to have at least halved (even after cutting lawns and gardening). My wife has been wearing ear plugs for years due to my snoring. Within the first week the ear plugs are gone and we are both waking up refreshed. I was still sceptical thinking these results could not happen this quick and probably won’t last. After another session with Tim and a few weeks down the track all results are still unbelievable and continue to improve. Thank you Tim. I would recommend Tim Altman to anyone who wants to improve their health and happiness.

CFS and Fibromyalgia using Mickel Therapy

“Mickel Therapy made sense to me from the start.
Tim’s explanatory first session was clear, and as soon as I pieced together that the triggers were always the same, it made it quite easy to “do my own therapy” so to say. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue settled and improved from session one. Other secondary symptoms (I’d been dragging along with post shingles virus for 8 months) eased right off or disappeared altogether. Tim was good value : his approach is fuss free, down to earth and sensible. I was comfortable with him and he was easy to work with. His honesty was much appreciated and as soon as he felt that I was on the right path, he supportively suggested it was time to go my own way with the process, knowing he was there for any future support needed.
I would say that I’m no longer chronically fatigued, and most of the time my fibromyalgia is down from an 8 to a 2. Pretty good! If I find myself achey, I know it’s time to find the emotional trigger and “do some Mickel!”
As a therapy : you just need to be honest with yourself, searching out those same-same usually deep seated emotional triggers. Yet it was not a melodramatic emotional process. Rather, I found it to be a very interesting and logical process.
Bobbie (70 yr old patient presenting with post viral fatigue and 40 years of fibromyalgia).”