A lovely testimonial from a new client recently.
I always take extra time on life skills such as nutrition and efficient breathing. We have spent a lifetime making these inefficient, and creating what, in many cases, becomes the root cause to most chronic illnesses.
Thereforre, it makes sense to take time to explain how and why it has become inefficient. And the consequences of having these apsects of living so disparate from how we are designed to perform these – from an optimal living perspective.
If clients, deeply understand the how and why, then the reasons for them to make changes and restore ideal functioning become far greater. As does compliance.

Whilst it flies in the face of the business models we are presented with as naturopaths (in terms of $$), I would far prefer to practice with integrity, teaching life skills, rather than being predominantly a peddler of natural pills, and offering a small amount of advice on life skills (usually in the form of supplemental notes handed out).

“Thanks Tim,

It was great meeting you today too, I really understand what you were saying and found your professional manner and scientific level explanations not only made perfect sense but also was great discussing health on that level. 

The documents you sent through look great, thanks so much, and yeh, I’ll see you in around a month. 
Kind Regards,
Paulette – Torquay, VIC”.