• Enemas or colonic irrigation – we recommend that no matter how long the fast is to be that some form of colon cleansing be conducted. In fact, these are an essential part of the fast. Enemas should be conducted at least every other day if these are the primary mode of colon cleansing. The details of how to prepare these and how they are performed are included in the details of the fast provided. The instructions should be followed closely and strictly adhered to as the temperature of the water, the amount of liquid, what herbal or other preparation accompanies the water are all vital considerations. Colonic irrigations with water can be carried out at the beginning, midpoint and end of the fast.
  • Baths – in addition to drinking as much water as is felt necessary, bathing regularly (up to twice per day) is fantastic as it will cleanse the skin.
  • Saunas and Steams – are great for giving warmth as well as supporting detoxification via elimination of toxins from the skin with the sweat. With thermal saunas we recommend two per week, whereas far infrared saunas, which are not as hot, can be conducted more regularly (up to daily).
  • Fresh air – plenty is needed to support cleansing and oxygenation of the cells and tissues.
  • Sunshine – to revitalize our body (don’t get burned however).
  • Exercise – mild exercise is encouraged to support the cleansing process. It helps to relax the body, oxygenate the cells, clear wastes and prevent toxicity symptoms. Mild exercise includes walking, yoga and light swimming or riding. Any exercises that call heavily on muscular and glycogen reserves are not recommended in fasts of more than a day or so. T can be extremely draining. These include running, weight training, contact sports, riding, swimming etc. Fasting is a time of rejuvenation and heavy exercise is not necessary at this time.
  • Skin Brushing – with a dry, soft brush prior to bathing. It will help clear toxins from the skin.
  • Clean-ups/Spring Cleaning – as we clean our bodies, many fasters feel the desire to spring clean their house, office, car – even their lives! It helps clean out the old in readiness for new.
  • Work – unless your work is extremely demanding physically, unless you are on a retreat, it is recommended to continue working during a fast. Staying busy will help break our ties to food. Most fasters experience greater work energy and more clarity and creativity.
  • Fasting in groups – this creates a very supportive environment where experiences and insights can be shared, making the process far easier and more enjoyable.
  • Meditation and relaxation – helps us to reach deeper levels of ourselves and clear the stresses that we have carried with us. Many people experience a greater clarity, quietness and inner connection while meditating during fasts.
  • Spiritual practices – support our meditation and relaxation and affirm our positive attitude toward life and others, providing us with the fire to engage with life with renewed purpose and passion.

Practices Not Recommended During Fast

  • Taking drugs – except mandatory prescription drugs. The body is extremely sensitive during a fast and drugs should be avoided altogether. This includes abstinence from alcohol, nicotine and caffeine during the fast and re-eating program. The program you choose will tell you when these can be re-introduced.
  • Moderate to vigorous exercise – any exercise that calls on glycogen and muscular reserves are pointless during a time of rejuvenation, and quite debilitating to the system. There is plenty of time for this once you have completed your fast.
  • Vitamin supplements – except unless prescribed during the fast (and these will usually be pure plant extracts in powder or liquid form). Many vitamins, mineral and herbal supplements contain fillers or are preserved in alcohol. A fast is a time for rest and rejuvenation of the digestive system and excessive energy spent on breaking these down will be counter-productive.
  • Listening to negative influences or advice from others – many well wishers and some professionals who do not understand the process of fasting will give advice based on their own fears and ignorance. If you feel comfortable with the process and the practitioner guiding you, simply thank them for their concern and continue on. Or avoid contact with them.

Read up on Fasting Details and Programs Offered and phone Tim Altman on 0425 739 918 with any inquiries.