Nutrition and Weight Loss

Tim's weight loss and nutrition approach involves investigating a client’s dietary habits and the connection between these and any imbalances or ailments in their bodies, including excessive weight, blood sugar abnormalities, fatigue, inflammation, immune deficiencies or excesses, chronic illness etc.

Programs created take into account advancements in understanding in this field, and are devised to make compliance to the program, given the individual’s lifestyle and health situation, possible and realistic.

Modalities include weight loss, optimal performance nutrition, blood sugar level regulation, detoxification and elimination diets, fasting etc...

"Your weight loss and maintenance program that combines blood sugar level regulation with intermittent fasting is really the only thing that works for me. I have tried absolutely everything from low carb, calorie counting, home delivery meals and diet pills. I still cannot believe how the weight is just melting off! Everyone is asking what I am doing and I am handing out your card on a regular basis..."

Samantha, Geelong, Victoria