Respiratory Therapy

Tim Altman is now offering breathing retraining, breathing assessments and respiratory therapy as part of his range of naturopathic services.

Not only is breathing therapy great for many illnesses or diseases (such as asthma, breathing difficulties, eczema, snoring/apnoea, high blood pressure, hypertension, anxiety/panic attacks, digestive complaints, bed wetting etc) it is also fantastic for the other end of the health spectrum – optimal wellness or performance.

There have been great results with athletes as it increases oxygen release to tissues and delays lactic acid onset. Similarly, it is great for anyone looking for a performance enhancement or advantage as increased oxygen to tissues helps in all areas i.e. the brain for corporates or students. It is also great for breathing development for yogis and development of awareness.

The breathing retraining provides an incredible link to other modalities such as postural/neuro-muscular work, naturopathic/nutritional work, psycho-emotional work and there is a large practical and postural component in all courses. These are the stressors that cause us to breathe dysfunctionally (over breathe) in the first place.

Given that breathing is the thing that we do more often (consciously) than anything else, it makes sense that if it is less than efficient or dysfunctional, then lots can go wrong. Most of us breathe dysfunctionally – if it is done optimally, lots can become right. But this takes retraining as we have spent our lifetime doing it inefficiently.

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