Recharging the Batteries

Winter Road Trip

With the cold weather of winter coming on and the year almost half way through, it is great to get away occasi0nally for a change of scenery and to recharge the batteries.

And some warm weather, water and waves.

Saltwater Point 1Saltwater Point 2

A few old friends and I have embarked on a week long road trip to mid-coast NSW for some surfing and relaxing in warmer weather and water. I find these weeks very relaxing and they often help get the creative juices flowing with regards to work projects etc. And they are fantastic for work life balance. Creating fulfillment is a key to meeting your internal needs so you have more to give to family, friends and work for the rest of the year. I believe that meeting our needs is a highly underrated practice in the modern ‘busy’ world we live in, where life and circumstances often lead us into sacrificing our needs – or sacrificing balance.

The above photos were taken today at Saltwater Point. We had some fun point waves today for a few hours. It has left us hungry for a feast tonight, tired yet very relaxed.

No complaints here.