Quote of The Day

You are a masterpiece

This is an idea that I have certainly come across from my years of yoga and meditating. However it has begun to resonate very deeply since I have begun using Mickel Therapy in my clinical practice and personal life.  Mickel Therapy aims to take the hypothalamus out of overdrive by reconnecting the internal communication between our thinking brains (the data control system in it’s purest sense) and our emotional brain centres, which is an intelligence we all have that aims to keep us safe, comfortable, happy and healthy with relationship to our environment – in other words, it aims to maintain physical and emotional homeostatsis or balance. Peace if you wish. .

The thinking brain (or mind) is there to serve us, rather that rule us as it does with most people in our modern, ‘civilised’ world. By getting stuck in our heads, our primal emotional communication that, as said, serves to keep us in emotional and physical homeostasis (happy, safe, healthy and comfortable), is either missed or ignored. As a result, we deviate from this state of intrinsic peace and health. And we miss exactly what Osho has shared with us – that we are already a masterpiece – perfect and safe exactly as we are. There is nothing more to be. Nothing more to do.