Primal Body, Primal Mind

Am reading possibly the best bookd on nutrition I’ve ever read – Primal Body, Primal Mind by Norah T. Gedgauduas.
She is extremelt thorough in disecting the research and cuts to the chase beautifully.
I love it and wanted to share a couple of quotes:

” Complex systems models, functional medicine, and functionally, foundationally based nutritional therapy must be the next evolution of research and practice across the spectrum of health care. Science and medicine can no longer be compartmentalised in their thinking or sell their souls to pharmaceutical and corporate greed if we are to genuinely uncover useful truths toward our enhanced well-being”.

“Again, proper balance is needed. Getting most out of our nutrients from quality, nutrient-dense food sources is what seems to make the most sense, wherever possible (Norah’s bold type inserted)”.

Beautiful. I love that she is so thorough that it leaves opinion out of the picture. The weight of evidence based on anthroplogical, geographical, scientific, medicinal and nutritional medicine speaks for itself very, very clearly.