Permanent Weight Loss Case Study

I have found over the years that the best long term weight loss results come to those who test regularly using the Bio-Impedance bifeedback testing. This gives objective data on fat mass, muscle mass (active tissue mass), fat:muscle ratio, abdominal circumference, hydration status, and a measure of biological age.

In this case the client did a 6 week weight loss program and tested weekly. He yielded good results (without being outstanding) in terms of weight loss and fat loss (8kg in weight loss, 4kg of which was fat mass), however he continued to come in fortnightly and then monthly after the program had finished (post Christmas) and he was in maintenance mode. In fact he lost another 6-7 kg of weight; 3kg of which was fat mass). This made a total decrease of 14-15kg in weight, including 7kg of fat.

This constant feedback from his body allowed him to learn what worked best for him in terms of nutrition and exercise, and he continued to lose weight with only the very occasional glitch or movement backwards – which he always rectified next month.

By clicking on this sentence, you can view a copy of his body composition analysis.

In addition, he saw significant decreases in his extra cellular water (high levels are associated with increased toxicity or inflammation), abdominal or waist circumference (19cm), and fluid retention levels (cellular fluid balance) all decreased. And his hydration levels increased over time. Finally, much to the clients delight, his biologcal age decreased significantly over the period of a few months (by 11 years at best measure).

You can see the details of this analysis by clicking on this sentence.

If you have lost weight and are having troubles keeping it off, or if you would like to lose weight and keep it off, consider this biofeedback driven approach as it increases your accountability (to yourself) exponentially.

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