Nutritional & Physio Genomics

“The future of preventative health care”

Have you ever wondered why there are so many individual differences in people’s health despite fairly similar nutritional, lifestyle or exercise advice for everyone? For example:

  • Why some people lose weight or put on muscle easily whilst others struggle?
  • Why some people find it easy to get motivated to exercise yet other’s struggle?
  • Why some people have great endurance, yet others have poor endurance but are great at sprints or power exercises?
  • Why some people seem to have endless vitality despite having a poor diet?
  • Why one person may suffer from one ailment yet another has a completely different ailment despite a similar diet and lifestyle?
  • Etc. etc. etc.

The answers to these questions for all of us are now available and lie in the genetic blueprint contained in DNA in every cell of our body.

A new technological development known as Nutritional or Physio Genomic testing offers us a window into our unique genetic blueprint and explains why your body and mind functions in it’s own unique way.

Physiogenomics has been described as “the future preventative health care” by offering, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, a personalised approach to health care, where a personalised lifestyle program including diet, nutrition, stress management, exercise and sleep is developed according to your unique genes.

Epigenetic research has indicated that our environment – not our DNA – shapes the development of our cells. Our genes offer the blueprint, but it is environmental influences that determine how these genes are expressed.

Using a simple saliva sample, physiogenomics offers a view of your unique genetic profile. The test looks at 90 different gene variations that can impact you health, including:

  • Lipid (fat) Profiling
  • High Blood Pressure risk
  • Diabetes Profile
  • Body Composition
  • Sports and Exercise Profiling – peak performance
  • Anti-ageing – liver detoxification (phase I & II), oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Brain Health – stress responses, mood, addiction, seasonal sleep and metal binding
  • Fertility Profiling (for men and women) & Oestrogen Profiling
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Your personalised lifestyle and health care strategy is then tailored from this unique window into your genetic disposition to health or disease

A great way of describing how physiogenomics works is by describing your unique genetic blueprint as your “loaded gun” with respect to health, and especially disease, and the physiogenomic report as your window into this blueprint. You will learn your weaknesses (or potential predispositions to certain diseases) and strengths (leading you to optimal health).

It is your environment and your interaction with it that determines whether you “pull the trigger” and turn your dispositional weaknesses into health issues and/or disease.

Alternatively, and preferably, you can you use this insight to live your life in a way where these weaknesses never see the light of day and you optimize your strengths and your understanding of your unique genetic profile to experience health and vitality at levels you haven’t previously felt and are rarely seen nowadays.

The incredible potential of this testing lies in the information and understanding provided. The choices you make based on this, will allow you to optimise your own human potential.

You need only do the test once. The information you receive will last you your lifetime.

We are now proud to announce that we offer Physiogenomic testing and subsequent health and well-being programs based on the test.

As mentioned, testing requires only a simple saliva sample, and testing packs are available from Tim Altman via the shop on this website. The saliva sample is then sent to smartDNA (details with the pack), whereupon a report will be sent back to Tim, who will then translate and create a summary of this report which is outlined in a one hour consultation.

Tim will also liaise with any trainers or coaches you may have regarding all aspects of your report that pertain to your training and physical well-being.

The whole procedure takes approximately one month (for the test to be done) and will give you abundant amounts of information to embark on your unique preventative health and wellness mission.

The total cost for the test, report and summary is $750. You need only do the test once. The information you receive will last you your lifetime – out aim is to extend your lifetime and improve it’s quality exponentially!!!

The report and summary can be done as either a consultation in person, via email or via a Skye consultation.

If you are interested in this ground breaking technology, please contact Tim via email or call on 0425 739 918.

Alternatively, go to the shop section of this website and book in your Physiogenomics test. You will be sent a test kit that has full instructions of how to prepare the saliva sample and where to send it. Once the results have been sent to Tim, he will contact you about the report on the results and subsequent programs.

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