nutrition program


Tim Altman B.Sc. B.H.Sc. (Naturopathy) & paddler/coach. &

Includes both training or race day hydration and nutrition programs and advice.

And supplement advice.

Carried out online or in person (if in Victoria, Australia).

Programs can be targeted to:

  • Optimise performance and recovery
  • Lose fat
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Optimise immune function to prevent colds and flus.

Race day programs programs are designed to:

  • Optimise and maintain energy levels for the duration of the race
  • Optimise recovery
  • Avoid cramps, dehydration, sugar bonking or over-hydration.

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Quality advice from a leading professional in nutrition and health care, who has also been a high level paddler for over 30 years.


How does it work?

Consultation conducted online. Tim will initially email you forms to fill out including:

  • General health appraisal questionnaire
  • Your current average daily diet including EVERYTHING you eat and drink and any fluctuations in hunger, cravings and energy levels.
  • Medications/supplements you currently take.

Pending any further questions from Tim, following this you will receive a report outlining the ideal training/race-day nutrition program for you with specific, individual suggestions (with meal examples) to help you implement this program simply and smoothly. Also included will be advice on supplements to support you and optimise performance where applicable.

You don’thave to be elite to benefit from this. You just have to have a love of being healthy and paddling, and want to keep doing it for longer and more efficiently. Use paddling to increase the quality of your health, and life, in a number of areas.

Total cost = $90 for general/training nutrition program and consultation.

Or, $150 for the above and race day nutrition programs.
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Up to 30-50% of this consultation rate can be claimed back via private health insurance rebates, depending on your policy.

Subsequent follow up online or (in person) consultation if necessary are only $60.

Contact Tim at or phone 0425 739 918