New Naturopathic Services

I now have two new offerings to add to my clinical services available at my clinics in South Yarra and Torquay or via Skype.

  1. Nutrition is a huge passion of mine, and a major emphasis in my clinical work. I am offering to go shopping with clients to help them make correct choices and find nutritional options to ensure better understanding of health and nutrition. For example, good quality 100% whole grain breads, muesli, cereal, pasta, gluten free options, healthy snack options, good sources of lean protein and the best supplements etc.
  2. As an extension of my passion for nutrition, I am now offering guided juice fasting as a modality to clients. A very misunderstood (in the modern world), but incredibly healing and rejuvenating therapy, fasting has been described as the ‘knifeless surgeon’ or the ‘missing link in modern Western healthcare’.

Fasting has also been a very large part of my return to health from a debilitating chronic illness (which could not be treated by conventional medicine and eventually led me to becoming a naturopath) and my subsequent journey into understanding and experiencing optimal or ‘meta’ health. We offer several options for fasting than can be guided either by myself in my South Yarra and Torquay clinic or online via email or Skype (or both) correspondence.