Tim Altman is a qualified naturopath and respiratory therapist who has been practicing naturopathic services and wellness for many years. Naturopathic and respiratory therpay consultations take a holistic approach to the overall health and wellness of the client rather than simply focusing on symptoms. There are several modalities used in an initial naturopathic consultation so that Tim can gain insight into the internal make up and functioning of the client. He then designs specific programs based around nutrition, respiratory therapy, exercise and herbal medicines to help improve the clients’ overall health.


I offer nutrition as a principal service or you can contact me to arrange an appointment via Skype.

My number one passion in natural medicine has always been nutrition. I have used and love herbal and supplemental medicine to support this modality, but the primary focus has always been on addressing a client’s (and my own) nutrition first. Without thoroughly analysing and addressing a person’s nutritional habits and giving them a practical dietary plan to work to, the use of excessive amounts of remedies can become not only a waste of time, but also extremely expensive.

My passion was sparked as a result of a treatment plan given to me that cured me from a very debilitating and long term case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Not only was my illness eradicated, I was opened up to a level of health that saw me have more vitality and aliveness than I had ever dreamed of. I began on a journey of discovery of how to live naturally in accord with how our human system evolved to function – and, in addition with learning how to breathe, move, rejuvenate and rest/relax in accordance with our body’s innate functioning, our relationship with food and the environment around us is a principle tenet of this understanding and functioning.

And I have absolutely loved the results it has produced in myself and those close to me. So, I have felt compelled to share many aspects of this journey and the discoveries that have followed with others.

Many people have a rough idea of what healthy foods are or how to eat healthily, but very often these people do not know how to sequence these foods in a daily plan to maximise energy production and immune system function, and/or minimise storage of unused fuel (usually as fat). There are that many conflicting theories and advices that understanding what is right can become quite confusing.

By aligning the use of food with the natural physiological and biochemical functioning of the body you can open yourself up to the incredible vitality and resistant or healing potential that we all inherently possess, but very rarely realise.

And it’s simple and easily followed. And the better you start to feel, the better you want to feel.

Clients regularly end up very surprised with how a few minor (and very achievable) tweaks in their daily eating plan can make HUGE differences in their energy levels, immune system function and body composition.

Nutritional programs include:

  • Wellness programs
  • Fat loss programs
  • Gluten free programs
  • Detoxification programs – including fasting
  • Muscle gain programs
  • Specific programs for athletes
  • Anti-ageing programs
  • Help with nutritional shopping.

Email me or call me to organise either an in-person or online nutritional and health consultation. My physical clinical premises are in South Yarra or Torquay.

In the case of online consultations, this is either carried out via email or Skype. Or both.

Either way, you will love the outcome.

Nutritional Shopping

Also, I now offer (for those who have come for a consultation in person), a service where, if necessary, I can take you grocery shopping with me in order to find the best food choices for you – including where to find correct 100% whole grain options, gluten free options, healthy snack options, good lean protein, low GI and nutrient rich carbohydrate sources, the best mueslis and cereals etc. Many clients have found that this service saves heaps of time, trial and error and has helped enormously with their compliance and understanding.