Natural Vs Synthetic Vitamins

How They Are Different and How to Tell Them Apart

Did you know that ….

  • Vitamins you are now using are very likely synthetic?
  • Synthetic vitamins have only one component out of a whole family of micro-nutrients that accompany them in their natural state?
  • Only 50% of a synthetic vitamin can be utilized somewhat efficiently?
  • Some sensitive people may actually have an adverse reaction to the synthetic vitamins?
  • Scientists can chemically reproduce sea water but when you put fish in this synthetic sea water they die?

Today many respectable people insist that synthetic and natural vitamins have identical molecular and chemical structure. Thus, they insist that synthetic vitamins are just as effective as natural vitamins. Is this reason sufficient basis to form a pro-synthetic judgement?
In the laboratory, chemists can duplicate sea water that is chemically identical to natural sea water, but if you put fish in this synthetic water they will die. Obviously, there is a life-supporting difference between natural and synthetic.

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