My New Podcast is Finally Now Live on iTunes – Yay!!

Take A Breath Health and Lifestyle Show

I’m very excited and relieved to announce that my new podcast, co-hosted with good friend Matt Radford (physiotherapist, Chinese Medicine practitioner, and Wim Hof Breathing Method instructor), is now live on iTunes.

It is called ‘Take A Breath Health and Lifestyle Show’, and the website is

We provides breathing technique and health and lifestyle tips for those wanting to get more out of life in this crazy, fast paced, highly stimulated world we live in.

It was conceived as we had both seen extraordinary results using breathing techniques as practitioners in clinic, in our daily lives and for performance (in sport, music, arts, work etc), yet most people take breathing for granted without realising that most (or all) of us breathe way below our potential, or what is considered functional – we breath too often (2-3 times the ideal rate), with too much volume, and use our mouth and shoulders instead of our nose and diaphragm, resulting in us breathing in emergency mode most of the time.

So Matt and I decided it was time to educate and raise awareness about the benefits of ideal breathing, and the consequences of breathing in emergency mode.

We will also run breathing courses both in person with groups and individuals, as well as online courses (coming soon).

Please hop onto iTunes and listen to our show (don’t forget to subscribe if you like it) and our website –