My Ideal Personal Health Approach – Part 3

In part 1 and 2 of “My Ideal Health Approach” I outlined the philosophy behing my approach and the implementation or strategies invloved.

So what about supplements?

I don’t believe it possible to get everything one requires from food anymore as a result of farming, processing, transportation, packing, storage and preserving methods in the modern world. And the high pace and stress involved in the world w ehave created.

I have followed this routine for many years. And all are pure extracts. No synthetic crap:

  1. Juice Plus (I’ve been on this for 18 years and it is the best all around supplement I’ve ever come across – both personally and clinically). High potency fruit and vegetable supplement with ridiculously high bioavailability. Yes, I already eat a high quantity of vegetables and fruit however, according to the research, the more the better for the immune system and illness prevention. And it is almost to be perfect all of the time in the modern world. So Juice Plus is the best insurance policy against the modern world you could ever have – see
  2. Taiga A 320 (or Bioeffective A) – 1 capsule twice daily before meals. A potent liver restorative and broad spectrum antimicrobial for the GIT. Via
  3. Siberian Red – 3ml daily in 1 litre of water. Adrenal adaptogen to counterbalance the metabolic impact of stress. And great for the immune system, energy levels and endurance or stamina. Via
  4. Fish Oils – as prescribed on the label. 95% of the western population are deficient in omega 3 essential fats.

Finally, one of the keys to maintaining an optimal lifestyle is the old adage “early to bed, early to rise”. For many things, especially meditation, if it doesn’t happen early, it doesn’t happen.