My Ideal Personal Health Approach – Part 1

My ideal, personal health and wellbeing approach

Having suffered and overcome chronic fatigue syndrome over 18 years ago, it has been my mission to explore the upper levels of health, wellbeing, happiness and love. My clinical professional services are just an extension to this exploration – a chance for me to share the best of what I have learned over the years. I have learned much about what has really worked for me. Over a 20 year period. And have seen as many, or more, health modalities or practices and supplements that did not work. It has been a long journey of discovery.

This blog may serve as an opportunity for some to begin a similar journey, and perhaps even save some time along the way.

Rather than posting this as one long blog that people rarely have the time or patience to sit down and read, I will break it up into a few part and post them on consecutive days. The first is the introduction or the philosophy underlying my approach.

I tend to try to look at as many of the aspects of living as I can that contribute to our health. And optimising the performance or expression of these. These aspects include:

  • Nutrition – especially the diet of our hunter gatherer ancestors.
  • Breathing – diaphragmatic breathing using the nose.
  • Our primal or primary emotional responses – that provide information to our brain as to any threats from our environment to our personal safety or happiness. Mickel Therapy and meditation (especially in combination) address this beautifully.
  • Rest and rejuvenation – via meditation, relaxation, yoga, sauna therapy, etc.
  • Movement and stabilization – exercise, posture, stabilization.

The focus in all aspects of living is comparing what our body is adapted for (we know it takes 40,000 to 100,000 for environmental change to be fully assimilated, genetically, by our bodies) with what it is exposed to in the modern ‘civilised’ culture or world we have created. The assumption being that the optimal expression of these aspects is based on, or according to what we adapted to over a million years or so.

In all of these aspects of living, there are huge discrepancies, or a huge mismatch, between the body we have inherited (from our hunter-gatherer ancestors) and the culture we have created.

What’s more, 90% of the illnesses we suffer or die from in the modern world are all prevented via lifestyle. Meaning that they are a result of this mismatch.