Mickel Therapy. A potent cure for CFS, Fibromyalgia, IBS & Anxiety. Also fantastic for Performance

Article: Why it’s time to eliminate ‘should’ from your vocabulary.

In Mickel Therapy we show how being guided by our Primary emotions can lead to health & wellbeing. It’s amazing how little words like “should” “must” and “have to” can prevent us from taking the action that feels right in our gut. This is an excellent article that highlights the danger of a little word like “should”.


Since I’ve taken on Mickel Therapy as a modality nearly 3 yeas ago, I’ve seen more complete recoveries in clients suffering CFS, fibromyalgia, IBS and anxiety than I’d seen previously in my 16 years of practice specialising in treating these chronic ailments, or that I’d heard from other practitioners, including integrative doctors.  It is also fantastic for performance, relationships, work-life balance etc.

The results have been a wonderful surprise. After investigating it and understanding it properly, I knew it made sense, bu I did not expect it to yield such outstanding results. It shouldn’t be a surprise in theory, given it gets to the root cause by targeting a hypothalamus in overdrive (in perpetual fight or flight) and dealing with how we uniquely process stress as individuals. Stress, especially internalised stress, then adversely affects the performance of all other vital functions that influence our health – nutrition, sleep, how we move and stabilise, breathing, all automatic functions, how we rest and rejuvenate, and how we think and emote.

 For more information on how Mickel Therapy could help you, please contact me. I would be happy to offer a fee 15 minute initial chat to see if it resonates with you and could help you.