Mickel Therapy Case Study – Fibomyalgia

From severe Fibromyalgia to skiiing within 10 weeks via Mickel Therapy.

The following is a case study of a client and dear friend of mine who recovered from fibromylagia which had crippled her life and offered a very bleak future. We used this as a press release prior to a talk on Mickel Therapy at the Mind, Body, Spirit festival given by a NZ colleague of mine.

“Jude Beacham considered herself a normal active woman, who biked 12 kms at least 3 times a week and regularly went to the gym.
But over a period of a few months, she started to notice herself feeling unusually tired and achy.
The pain and fatigue grew over the next few months, and her ability to do normal everyday things lessened, until she was no longer able to dress herself, go to the bathroom or even walk without the help of her husband.

A specialist diagnosed her with fibromyalgia and prescribed medication to manage the pain, but symptoms persisted and worsened.
In her words “I thought to myself ‘this is crazy. From the outside I don’t look sick but inside I knew I was. MY LIFE HAD TURNED INTO A NIGHTMARE! I thought to myself if this goes on I will end up in a wheel chair”.

A year and a half after battling with symptoms, Jude chanced upon a therapy which maintained it could help people recover from the pain and fatigue symptoms of fibromyalgia without medication or supplements.
She had nothing to lose and decided to give it a go.

Under the guidance of her therapist, Tim Altman from Torquay, Jude followed the steps she needed to take to reduce her symptoms.
She was taught the real cause of her pain and fatigue, and shown how to reduce her pain and fatigue completely naturally, by tapping into the innate wisdom of her body intelligence.

Two months after commencing therapy Jude’s symptoms had disappeared and she was back skiing.

Jude remembers how “On my first Mickel Therapy appointment I had to be helped walking down the stairs and my husband helped me out of the car. In August I went skiing for a week with my family”.

You might ask yourself ‘How is such transformation possible when most doctors and specialists still say they do not know what causes fibromyalgia and can only help patients at best to ‘manage symptoms’?

Most Mickel Therapists ask themselves ‘Why is it that thousands of people are diagnosed each year with chronic pain and fatigue conditions and sent home without hope, when the answers and solutions have been available for over a decade’?

Mickel Therapy understands exactly what causes extreme symptoms of pain and fatigue, and has solutions to help people recover their health.
Over the past 15 years, thousands of people have recovered from conditions such as chronic fatigue (CFS), ME, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel (IBS), post viral fatigue, anxiety, depression and more by using Mickel Therapy. It has even been shown to have success with MS (multiple sclerosis).

The paradox is, despite the fact most doctors do not understand these illnesses, Mickel Therapy was developed in the 1990’s by a Scottish GP, Dr David Mickel, who worked out the cause of chronic illnesses such as CFS, IBS and fibromyalgia after seeing hundreds of clients with the same conditions. He wrote about it in his book ‘Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia – the long awaited cure’. In it he describes how an over-active hypothalamus may be causing a myriad of symptoms, and what he feels sends this tiny gland in the centre of the brain to go into ‘over-drive’.”

This is a text that Jude sent me 10-12 weeks after starting Mickel Therapy. It included the video of her skiing (mentioned above) as verification of her recovery:

“Check this out Tim. Thank you for giving me my life back. Jude xxxx”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuWGhpOK2Tk Jude Skiing 22nd August 14