IBS – An Integrative Approach Seminar Torquay

Integrative Health Seminar on IBS for the Torquay and Geelong Communities

I am very honoured to be a co-speaker at a great initiative by Geelong Gastroenterology specialist and director Dr Chris Hair offering an integrative health approach to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and gut health, to be held at Surfcoast Wholefoods from 7.15-9pm on Wednesday 22nd July. Please contact Kim Poyner to book in as it is already filling up rapidly (details linked below).

It is so refreshing to see that so many aspects of health care, from conventional medical through to dietetics, naturopathy and psychology that are being incorporated in this integrative offering on IBS and gastro-intestinal health.

I will be speaking on the role of natural medicines and lifestyle intervention in treatment of IBS.
It will include a brief discussion on:

1. Mickel Therapy – the role of an overactive hypothalamus via internalised stress and suppressed emotions in IBS and chronic illness

2. Natural medicines to support gut function.

3. Detoxification.

4. Diaphragmatic breathing techniques to regulate the autonomic nervous system, and therefore gut function; and assist in peristalsis.

Linked are details on the talk and contact details for booking: