What does it involve?

Treatment involves a series of one hour or more face-to-face or phone /Skype sessions usually weekly for the first 3 sessions and then fortnightly thereafter.

The job of your Mickel Therapy® practitioner is to guide you through the process by effectively explaining  Mickel Therapy® theories and teaching you how to implement the variety of tools and techniques that will allow you to reclaim your health.

Who provides the Mickel Therapy?

Mickel Therapy® is provided by a licenced practitioners. All  Mickel Therapy® practitioners are trained to a high standard and supervised every session to ensure the best quality of treatment in all areas. They also partake in regular clinical updates throughout the year as part of their ongoing clinical development. Many of the practitioners are ex-clients who have endured conditions like your own and reported great benefit from Mickel Therapy and subsequently trained as practitioners.


All cases receiving  Mickel Therapy® are protected by confidentiality. Please read our Confidentiality statement:
At Mickel Health Initiatives we hold a general principle that information should be kept strictly confidential unless sharing that information is necessary for someone’s safety.

In terms of how this is put into practise:

  • Every discretion will be offered to clients regarding the fact that they are enquiring about, or embarking on, a course of Mickel Therapy treatment.
  • As part of our commitment towards clients to offer a consistently high level of service, our therapists receive regular sessions with their Clinical Advisors.
  • Clients, where possible, will only be referred to by their initials.
  • Clients can request a copy of their notes.
  • Information shared with your therapist will remain fully confidential. It is our experience that only on rare occasions does this need to be over-ridden, and this is when the information is:
    •  In the public interest
    • Is necessary to prevent serious injury or damage to a third party
    • or is in the best interests of the client

Sources: Scottish Executive, NHS Code of Practice on Protecting Patient Confidentiality 2003

What do I need to do to prepare for the treatment?

There is free video which can be viewed here where Dr Mickel explains his concepts around the creation of all the symptoms experienced with the conditions such as ME/ CFS and Fibromyalgia.

Dr Mickel’s book, is available to purchase and this provides a very useful introduction.

Reading the website, book and watching the video will provide a useful introduction and mean that when you attend for your first session the practitioner can answer any questions you have around this and then quickly move onto starting the process with you.