Health tips for reducing wrinkles

Following is an article from biochemist, Dr Mitra Ray, whose work I have been aware of for many years. I love her methods and her approach to health and well-being. Definitely worth a read. I will try to include more articles from Dr Ray in coming blogs. Alternatively you can visit her website on

Important Practices for Beautiful Skin: Understanding Wrinkles

Blog_-_Dr_Mitra_RayBy Dr. Mitra Ray

Perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of beauty and healthy skin is the concept of wrinkles. Most people believe that wrinkles are the result of dry skin, and that as we age our skin dries out and shows wear and tear. To treat these supposed causes of wrinkles, Americans spent $1.6 billion in 2008 on anti-aging skincare alone, but have you ever met someone who effectively removed their wrinkles with a lotion or potion?

There is also the misconception that moisturizers will replenish lost moisture and miraculously erase the lines that all women seem to dread so much. There are products that can temporarily plump up the skin cells, making them appear more full and smooth, but these last hours, not weeks or months, and actually may damage skin. One of the worst things that you can put on your skin is a common ingredient in moisturizers and lotions. Propylene Glycol is a filler that keeps you from needing to stir your products every time you use them. It also prevents products from freezing during transport, but this is because Propylene Glycol is, in fact, anti-freeze! Long term use can actually cause, rather than treat, wrinkles, dry skin, dull tone and uneven texture. Other products may contain equally toxic ingredients, including allergens and known carcinogens. As a safe bet, the only products that I recommend for the skin are products that you would feel okay eating. The skin absorbs all of the ingredients that you put on it, so if you wouldn’t serve it in a dish to your family, you shouldn’t put it on your face or body.

So if wrinkles aren’t the result of dry skin or aging, and store-bought creams can’t do anything to minimize or erase them, is there a way to treat wrinkles naturally and effectively? To do so, we first need to understand what actually does cause the wrinkles in the first place. And to do this, it’s important to learn how to read your face; different types of wrinkles are the symptoms of different health problems. You may find it easiest to focus on one set of wrinkles at a time. Let’s examine the different lines people commonly have on their faces, what they mean, and how to get rid of them.

Horizontal Lines
Many women have horizontal lines across their forehead. One possible explanation for these lines is waste in the intestines, usually the colon. And the deeper the lines, the more waste has accumulated. The most expeditious way to get rid of these lines is to do a series of enemas. You can read more about how to give yourself a healthy enema, and other reasons they’re worthwhile, in my book Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful? I also found that once I started on Juice Plus+® (see some 16 years ago, these lines went away and they have yet to return. I attribute this to Juice Plus+® and my improved diet.

Crow’s Feet
Everybody knows what crow’s feet are: the lines that appear at the outer corners of your eyes. These are caused by processed and overcooked foods. They signal the need to add more raw foods and fiber to your diet, and to remove processed and overcooked foods.

Lines From Nose to Mouth
Call them “smile lines”, but they seem to get deeper with age. These are caused by a lack of minerals and omega-3 fats in the diet. These lines can also occur in the health conscious individual who is on a plant-based diet, but who is not getting enough minerals and omega-3 fats in a form that is readily absorbable. The addition of ¼ cup of ground flax seeds to the Green Drink (see Dr Ray’s book and website for details) will address this.

Vertical Lines
There are two short vertical lines that can appear between the eyebrows. People may call them “worry lines”. In reality, these lines indicate that the liver is clogged up and is not removing toxins properly from the body. The great news is that these lines are not permanent – you can actually get rid of them by doing liver flushes, such as the one described in Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful? The deeper your lines, the more flushes you should do – generally at least once a month. You will notice an increased sense of well-being within several days after doing a liver flush, and you lines will go away after several months. You can also treat less severe liver lines by eating milk thistle daily. The seeds are ground up and sold in capsule form, though it’s cheaper to by the seeds and grind them up fresh for your Green Drink.

Finally, if you want to have beautiful skin you need to be consuming a pure diet, but you also want to make sure you’re eating foods that improve circulation, which increases blood flow to the skin. Turmeric and cayenne can boost circulation, as can gingko and hawthorn. You will also want to take a whole-food based supplement, such as Juice Plus+®.

Read more about Dr. Mitra Ray on her website here.