Foods In Season Make Sense. Out of Season They Can be Unhealthy.

New study comes down hard on honey.

“This is why honey only exists in spring and summer. Everything is linked in nature. In the summer months when UV is higher, Vitamin D production rises to offset oxidative events. Fruit and natural sugars are 100% OK WHEN IN SEASON FOR YOUR LOCAL ENVIRONMENT”.

I like this post above and study (linked below) shared on Facebook by Pale Osteo.
The above comments confirm what I have always said about fruit and sugar, in addition to honey.
Fruit often receives a bad rap for being high in sugar. This never made sense to me as fruit has grown in nature for millions of years, meaning we evolved eating sugar. Therefore our system evolved to process it effectively.
However, our hunter gatherer ancestors (and beyond) did not have access to all fruits. Only the fruit that was available to their climate in the season that they were in.

Like honey, fruit is not bad or fattening if you eat the fruit that is available in your climate in season.

The idea of consuming all fruit all year around is not natural.
An good example is with tropical fruits. These fruits, like bananas and mangoes, are high GI or sugar fruits, but they grow in warm, humid environments – the tropics. In this environment, the plant sweats more and must replace its own sugars. The same occurs for animals and humans in this environment.
But eating tropical fruits in the winter in temperature climates like Victoria is not natural. In this case, it is more sugar (or carbohydrate) than we need, as we sweat much less in winter.
The question I always ask clients when they ask me if fruit is bad for you is; “would your hunter gatherer ancestors have eaten it?” The answer being yes.
And; “would a truck have driven down the highway or a plane have supplied tropical fruits to our ancestors living in temperate climates?”
Clearly not.

The simple rule of thumb to live by is to consider what you would have eaten when wandering the bush – as a hunter gatherer.

Our best understanding suggests that the body we have now has been inherited from our hunter gatherer ancestors of 40-100,000 years ago.
Essentially, our bodies still think we are wandering the bush.
So eat fresh food that is seasonal to the climate you live in and you can’t go wrong.