Fasting Diary – Day Two

Today was smooth sailing all day.

Whilst it is common to experience some symptoms in the first 3-5 days, I have not experienced many at all. And none today. Energy levels were great. I wasn’t hungry. Mental clarity is also great. Very sharp.

And after 3 enemas I feel very clean internally.

I have noticed that my senses are starting to come alive. This afternoon I walked into the kitchen at Surfcoast Wholefoods, above which I have my clinic room in Torquay, and the sense of smell had a feast. It was beautiful. Just admiring and no sampling for a while. That’s ok. It’s only temporary.

Again I worked a full day in clinic and was fine.

I also walked for 30 minutes and did my light exercises comprising static holds, core work, stretching and some light dynamic movement for an hour.

Then I finished it off with a fantastic 45 minute sauna (Traditional Finnish) tonight with a friend.

Right now I feel so clean and vibrant – skin wise from the sauna and gut wise from the cleaning and reduction of food intake.  I will sleep like a baby tonight however.

Given I’m still in the adjustment phase of the first few days, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

We can only see and deal with it as it comes.

Just to show that it is not all hard core health at my place, I’ve included a photo of me at a fancy dress party from last weekend (Boogie Nights or 70’s theme – a few days prior to the fast) having a bit of a last hurrah. It wasn’t too crazy. I drove home at the end of the night. But I had fun. And a few celebratory drinks. Not sure about the wig. My head is not used to being so hot!! And I think I looked more like Eric Bana from the film Chopper than someone from Boogie Nights or the 70’s.