Fasting Diary – The Day Prior

As of tomorrow I will be commencing a 10 day fast along with a number of clients.

I have fasted several times before for either 10 days or 2 weeks, and many one day fasts usually done as one day per week or fortnight. My experience has always been very positive. Especially on the longer fasts I end up feeling more energetic, mentally sharper, clearer internally (and clearer skin) and much healthier and more positive generally. Obviously, I also feel much lighter.

Afterwards, these affects last for a several months to one year. I also find that my immune system is far more robust and I get ill far less frequently for at least 12 months afterwards.

Rather than going into the benefits and details of fasting in this blog, there is heaps of information on this website.

The 10 day fast I will be doing will be a juice fast where I have 2 juices of 300-350ml (with varying ingredients each day – depending on the individual requirements), 2 herbal teas and I can drink as much water as I want.

To make the cleanse more thorough I will be having several herbal enemas (self administered) over the course of the 10 days.

I will also be exercising lightly every day, including walking, yoga, some stretching, light swimming.

I monitor the fasts using Bio-Impedance testing which was developed for use in hospitals and gives valuable information on body composition changes, toxicity levels, cellular energy production, hydration and biological age.

Today I took base tests to get a starting measure and took photos to monitor visual changes.

Last time I fasted for 2 weeks I dropped 10kg over this period – including 2.7kg of muscle, 2.6kg of fat and the rest as extra-cellular water (high levels of which are associated with higher levels of toxicity). My biological age also dropped two years.

The reintroduction to food phase usually lasts for twice as long as the fast. I will be on a specific program for 3-4 weeks after the finish of the fast to rebuild the digestive system at the appropriate rate and not to overload it too quickly to foods that are difficult to break down.

I will blog my experiences regularly over the next few weeks. I am looking forward to it. The first 3-5 days can at times be a little challenging, however I’ve done it before so I know teh challenges are transient.