Fasting Diary – Day One

Day 1 almost done and I’m feeling great.

Two enemas done already (one last night and one this morning) without any fuss or incident. Most of the objection or bother with this is really only mental. It is not a big deal once you do it.

The same applies to the process of fasting. Many people who have not gone through one before have lots of fears – I’ll have no energy; it will be unbearable; I’ll have horrible headaches etc. etc. etc. The list goes on. Whilst there may be challenges, especially in the first few days, it is overcoming fear of the unknown that is the biggest challenge for most when it comes to fasting.

Today has been smooth sailing so far. I am mildly hungry now (7.47pm), but certainly not uncomfortable so.

Like many of the symptoms experienced in the first few days, the hunger is transient. It will pass.

My juice today was very enjoyable. My taste buds have not come alive completely yet, but they will. And I am looking forward to the great pleasure found in tasting simple foods (such as fresh vegetables and fruit) that we normally take for granted.

As far as activity goes, it’s been a busy day. I did one hour of exercises (static stretches, core work and holds), walked barefoot for an hour and worked a full day in clinic (8 hours approx).

As long as your work is not extremely demanding physically, then it is definitely possible to continuing working during a fast. I have continued working throughout the previous 2 week fasts I’ve done. I also continue to exercise – just mildly however.

Fasting is a time for rejuvenation and introspection so there is absolutely no point in doing strenuous physical exercises that requires significant cardiovascular or musculoskeletal reserves.

It’s great to be co-fasting with a group of people. We have 5 that have joined in thus far. I love to see more and more people aspiring to become super-human – super healthy people that is. More over the next few days hopefully.

Off to a full moon meditation with some friends tonight, so pumped about that.