Fasting Diary – Day Five

Day 4 was my most challenging by far.

I was on the beach all day and it was very hot. I definitely felt challenged. Energy levels weren’t great and I felt a little faint. I often had thoughts of eating food.

Fortunately I have come this far now, so I hung in there and, after a rest in the late afternoon/evening I felt good again at night. Enough that I went out to dinner with friends. No you didn’t read incorrectly. We went to dinner and they ate dinner. Instead I had sparkling mineral water or two and enjoyed the beautiful smells of the meals of my friends.

Rather than regretting what I couldn’t enjoy, and what smelled so beautiful since my senses have come alive, I just  enjoyed the smells and that kept me sated. It was great.

Hopefully that was the hump day. I felt very good today. Although bored a little at times. Bored, that is, of not participating in the ritual and sensations involved in eating.

However, as said in previous blogs, this process is only temporary, and I will soon greatly enjoy what most people take for granted.

Today (day 5) I noticed that I started to feel super relaxed and my mind has been much stiller. The mental chatter has reduced dramatically. As a result I am experiencing greater mental clarity and ability to make decisions. A state of presence or mind that I am enjoying. It makes me reflect how strongly what we eat can affect our mental state. And our attention to the present moment.

It should not be surprising really. It is the natural or baseline state of our intelligence, when working in harmony with our environment, to experience silence and clarity. And peace.

So when our system is clean and harmonious internally, it provides a perfect foundation for a harmonious nervous system and brain.