Fasting Diary – Day 7

Smooth sailing now that I’m past the first few days.

My energy levels are good. And I’m not hungry. I am excited about commencing eating again soon as foods smell so good. I catch the occasional scent of a dinner being cooked in a house or walking past a cafe and it smells fantastic.

I have continued exercising lightly (mostly walking and some light movement and stabilising exercises, however I have noticed that if I push the exercises too much, I get a bit light headed.

I have also noticed that my blood pressure has dropped a little. If I get up from lying too quickly, I sometimes get a little dizzy. It only takes a few seconds to adjust and then I’m fine again.

I did my third set of Bioimpedance tests yesterday. Some more changes. Explanations of parameters are found in the blog ‘Fasting Diary – Day 3’.

Body Composition Indicators:

  • Fat reduced by 1.3kg.
  • Muscle mass decreased by 0.58kg (making it down 1.86kg from the start).
  • Abdominal circumference down by 3cm.

Cellular Health Indicators:

  • Extra-cellular water down by 0.36 litres (down 2.09 litres since the beginning).
  • Biological age reduced by one year 🙂

The most significant thing I have noticed over the last 2-3 days has been my mental clarity and focus. It has made me extremely productive with work.

And decision making has been very clear. With regard to work and life in general.

I must say I like this state.

And it echoes loudly how significant the state of our nutritional health and that of our digestive system can impact on our psychological or mental health.