Fasting Diary – Day 3

Fairly smooth sailing again today. I’m feeling a bit exhausted now. Although it has been a big day of clinic and it is Friday night.

I was a bit hungry this evening. I would have expected to experience this within the first few days, so it is not a surprise.

Fortunately I wasn’t hungry during the day. And it is close to bed time now, so tomorrow will be a new day.

I have noticed that I am dreaming more over the last couple of nights. And quite vividly. It has been interesting.

Today I did a Bio-Impedance analysis on myself for the first time since the day prior to the fast. There have been some significant changes. And some areas that, surprisingly, did not change.

Regarding body composition, my weight has dropped 3.1kg. My muscle mass dropped 1.3kg. Surprisingly, however, my fat mass was virtually unchanged, dropping by only 0.07kg.

The body composition analysis is for observation purposes only. I never conduct fasts for myself or clients for the purpose of weight loss. It is always for cleansing and detoxification purposes. Particularly for cleansing the gastrointestinal tract. And giving respite to other organs involved in digestion and elimination. I use it in treating many chronic illnesses. And it is great for optimising health and well-being for those looking to explore the upper levels of health and vitality.

The above analyses did not account for the whole loss of weight. In fact, less than half of it. Cellular health analyses revealed that over the three days since the last test, my extra-cellular water levels dropped by 1.73 litres (or kg). When extra-cellular water levels are high it indicates that water is being drawn from the inside of the cells to the outside. Which indicates that something is going on outside of the cells – usually toxicity or inflammation (an immune response). Conversely, when extra-cellular water levels drop, it indicates that inflammation or toxicity is decreasing. Or, arguably, the system is detoxifying. Or getting cleaner.

As a result the fluid retention factor (cellular fluid balance) dropped by 80%. And cellular energy production increased by 4%.

This would explain why I have been feeling so good.

For today’s blog, I have included a photo of my lunch today. No, it wasn’t red wine. It was a lovely juice with beetroot, apple, celery and watermelon in it. I hope the whole photo fits this time.