Naturopathic FAQs with Tim Altman

What is a Naturopath and what are Naturopathic services?
Naturopaths use a system of healing that aims to provide holistic health care or wellness. It draws on treatment methods from several traditional systems of medicine using several modalities. Naturopaths seeks to use the natural healing powers of the body to cure itself through specifically formulated programs to suit the clients' wellness needs. In naturopathic services, the focus is on treating the cause of a disease rather than the symptoms themselves.

How long does a naturopathic consultation take?
Appointments can vary, the initial naturopathic consultation will be at least one hour. Subsequent repeat sessions may last only half an hour.

Is naturopathy safe during pregnancy?
Naturopathics are very safe during pregnancy. Be sure to inform your naturopath that you are pregnant as there are certain herbs or tinctures that are best avoided during the different stages of gestation. Naturopathics can also be beneficial for people who are infertile or looking for a natural way to increase libido, ask Tim about a natural fertility program.

Are naturopathics safe for children?
Yes. Naturopathics is completely natural it is considered very safe and a great therapy for children. Your child will not be taking chemicals and will be simply allowing their bodies to heal naturally.

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