Easter Nutrition

Easter Nutrition Tips by Tim Altman B.Sc. B.H.Sc. (Naturopathy)

1. Easter is a time for indulgence and Easter eggs are one of the favourite choices. There can be a few ways to minimise the impact or damage this yummy indulgence can have:

  • Make sure you eat Easter eggs after having eaten a protein based or high fibre meal – this will slow down the entry of the sugar in the egg into your bloodstream and prevent you from becoming hypoglycaemic (which ultimately has you craving more sugar, experiencing troughs or ‘flat spots’ in energy levels, and has you store more carbohydrate as fat).
  • Therefore, eating high sugar Easter eggs on an empty stomach is a definite no no, as it will spike blood sugar levels and put you on a hunger and energy level roller coaster.
  • Look for good quality dark chocolate Easter eggs with up to 70% cacao as these are less processed and lower GI.

2. Another favourite indulgence are hot cross buns. They are so tasty but, generally so full of processed, refined grains and sugar – so they can be a little sugar bomb in disguise.The best way to enjoy this indulgence, yet avoid this hazard, is to buy 100% whole grain hot cross buns. These are available in health food stores (they even have gluten free options) or in good bakeries. The whole grain will increase the fibre content dramatically and slow down the entry of carbohydrate into the blood stream. The whole grains also contain far more micronutrients – vitamins and minerals.

  • If you’re not sure if there are 100% whole grain hot cross buns at your bakery, ask!!
  • Another advantage of them being whole grain is that they are far more filling, so you need less.

3. As Easter is a holiday time, it is a time for family, friends and for festivity. So we are more likely to over indulge – in the above as well as alcohol, etc. As a result our calorie intake is likely to increase significantly.
A key to staying healthy and trim is to understand the trade offs. As it is a holiday it is also a time where you have more spare time. Therefore a time where you can exercise more. The more fuel you burn off via exercise, the more it will counterbalance the extra input of fuel due to Easter.

  • Apart from the ususal suspects for exercise such as running, cycling, swimming, gym, surfing etc, some great tips include going for long walks or rides with the whole family or friends.
  • That way you will get the most out of this social holiday period whilst, at the same time, earn the right to enjoy your favourite Easter indulgences without the worries or guilt.