Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


As I had suffered and beaten Chronic Fatigue Sydrome (CFS) over a 4-5 year period, this illness and recovery became my inspiration to become a naturopath.

Naturally this was a subject or ailment that I pursued with passion and have both treated a lot and learned a lot along the way. I now feel comfortable in stating that we see very positive results with a high percentage of my Chronic Fatigue (CFS) clients.
As everyone is different, the range of symptoms experienced can vary dramatically, and response to treatment can vary similarly.

In my experience, there seem to be 2 main avenues that clients come to experiencing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

  1. Post virally (i.e. Glandular Fever) or post infection (such as a bacterial infections of the gut – Bali Belly etc.)
  2. Post major stress – be that physical (as in over training syndrome), chemical (as a result of prolonged binging or drug use) or emotional/psychological (post major life stressors – this latter group often end up with symptoms not dissimilar to post traumatic stress disorder – PTSD – and can regularly prove the most resistant to treatment and take the longest to recover).

Treatment is fundamentally similar in many ways, but will vary according to preceding events/illnesses etc. and the symptoms experienced by the person.

I will cover some of the apsects of treatment in my next blog…