Case Study – Skin Rash, A Herbal Solution

A Natural Solution to a Long Term Skin Complaint via Herbal Medicine

Case Study:


Male, 43 y.o. presenting with a skin irritation that has lasted for 30 years, since his early teens. The rash is raised and red and stated under his arm pits, but moved to most of his body many years ago.

It is worse for heat and sweat (always comes out post Bikram Yoga), salt water, alcohol, tobacco and coffee (of which he was having several a day to maintain energy levels, but gave it up 2 weeks earlier).

He has found some positive results via licorice tea, alkaline foods and activated charcoal.

His digestive function has always been good – never an issue. No history of asthma and other allergies. He rarely experiences colds and flus and no other immune complaints,

He sleeps well now – he used to wake tired when drinking lots of coffee. Energy levels are consistent throughout the day. His life is not stressful, and he considers himself quite care free.

His average daily diet is quite good with no major energy level slumps or cravings during the day, and he eats plenty of fresh food – fruit, vegetables and nuts & seeds. Intake of processed foods and refined grains is comparatively quite low.

Analysis & Treatment:

Given there are no major chronic issues with his digestive system and immune function (apart from the coffee consumption until recently), and his life is not overly stressed (which would add toxic load if the opposite were the case), I decided that a herbal solution with the following aims would be appropriate:

  1. Support adrenal function to help repair damage done from excessive stimulant use (coffee) and help his body assimilate to producing energy without help from stimulants. To achieve this I prescribed Siberian Red – 3ml of concentrate in 1 litre of water daily. This herb is the liquid CO2 extract from the needles of Siberian Fir trees, Abies siberica, and is excellent as an adrenal agent to boost energy levels and support adrenal and immune function.
  2. Promote detoxification, blood cleansing, lymphatic and eliminative functions (via the kidneys) to help cleanse the system internally. I used a dried herb mix of Red Clover, Burdock, Calendula, Cleavers and Nettle and encouraged him to drink it 2-3 times daily.
  3. Promote liver and gall bladder detoxification and support to assist both of the above, For this I used another wonderful Russian herb, Taiga A 320, or Conifer Green Needle Complex, recommending 1 capsule with a glass of water before meals 3 times daily. It is also an excellent antimicrobial herb which can be very helpful in dealing with skin conditions (amongst other things).


1 month later his skin had pretty much cleared up. He feels like his skin has cooled off – he also found that apple cider vinegar topically helped with this.

No skin flare ups post Bikram yoga or after exercise or sweating.

He is also drinking much less coffee, yet energy levels have remained fine.

It was recommended he maintain the herbal treatment for another 2-3 months to make sure that the changes last.


Herbal medicine frequently provides many solutions to health issues without nasty side effects often seen with pharmaceutical medicines.