Be Careful What You Put Out For!!!

I  have made an observation of late that my work is starting to be reflected in my way of life or living – and not always consciously.

For many years I have been influenced by the understandings that have evolved from the fields of genetics/epigenetics and evolutionary biology. In short, the underlying basis to all of the work I do involves looking at aspects of living that influence our health  and comparing how we perform these now with what the above scientific fields of study have revealed about what our body is built for or how we’re built to function. The current understanding being that we have inherited our bodies directly from our hunter gatherer (or paleolithic) ancestors. Our bodies actually think we’re still wandering the bush as our cultural development (as a society) has moved far more rapidly than our body’s ability to evolve or adapt to change from a genetic perspective.

As such I spend a lot of time talking to clients about performing these aspects of living as our hunter gatherer ancestors would have. Whether it be what we eat, how we breathe, move and stabilise, rest and rejuvenate, and even how we process stress – or the link between the primary emotional messages from our emotional brain centres (designed to keep our bodies safe, happy, comfortable and healthy in relation with our environment) and our cognition or thinking brain (the data control centre).

And I also spend a lot of time furthering my understanding in this area.

Whilst I have practiced what I preach to a large degree, I have noticed that some changes in my living that have aligned me more with the hunter way of living, have not been voluntary or entirely conscious. It was pointed out to me today that since I have developed a sciatic back problem of late and do my rehab in the recovery phase, several changes have been brought into my life along the way.

I rarely sit down – I’m either lying down, standing or walking and I occasional squat.

I have been forced to slow down and get out of my head.

And I now walk a lot more – especially barefoot.

These have been pleasant changes that are very welcome and my body is loving me for.

For a bit of fun, I’ve inserted an image of myself in ‘hunter’ mode – perhaps without the sunglasses!!  You can’t take yourself too seriously all of the time.