Suitable for both water and land based athletes

Register today for our new 1 day (4hours) Diaphragmatic breathing course

image003Led by naturopath Tim Altman, that will lead you through breath-holds anddiaphragmatic breathing techniques and rhythms that will maximise your surfing and athletic performance by:

  • Increasing breath hold time under water
  • Developing advanced aerobic capacity
  • Learning how to breathe at lower breathing rates and lower heart rates at high levels of exercise
  • Delaying lactic acid onset
  • Reducing recovery times between efforts
  • Allowing greater access to ‘zone’ or ‘alpha’ states during exercise
  • Improving relaxation and calmness
  • Improving postural stability


$60 One Lifestyle members    $80 Non-members
Saturday 19th June 1-5pm

Location: One Lifestyle – RACV Torquay Resort

Book now at One Lifestyle Reception


Weekly Casual Sessions

In addition to the above workshop, you might also be interested in participating Tim’s new weekly breathing sessions. No booking required. Every Wednesday at 6-7pm

$15 One Lifestyle Members $20Non-members

Commencing June 15th

For more details please contact Tim Altman at tim@timaltman.com.au or phone 0425 739 918