Breathing Dynamics Courses

Breathing Dynamics Training

Have you ever wanted to learn how to meditate, but find it  difficult. Your mind is just too busy?
Do you ever feel stressed or overwhelmed and would like to relax more?
Or do you have difficulty breathing (including asthma), sleeping or suffer from anxiety or depression?
Would you like to be able to hold your breath under water for longer?
Or perform at another level in sport?
Maybe you’d just like to feel more centred or more joy and love?

How you breathe can make a huge difference to these and many other aspects of your life.
Yet most of us are not aware of our breathing. We just breathe. And we don’t die, so no problem. Right?

In reality very, very few people can actually breathe at a level considered even normal (based on medical diagnostic norms). Like the world we have created has dramatically altered our posture and nutritional habits and health, our breathing has also suffered.
For example, diagnostic norms indicate we should breathe 8-10 times per minute, or 12-14,000 times per days. Yet virtually all of us of us breathe up to double that rate, at 25-30,000 times per day.
And a most of us breathe using our mouth, using chest and shoulders, for much or all of the day and night. Yet, we are designed to optimally breathe using our nose only and via the diaphragm predominantly.
These suboptimal habits, when carried on over time, go a long way to diminishing our health, vitality, hapiness and performance.

However, learning how to optimise the mechanics and biocheistry of our breathing is easy with a little practice. It’s just a matter of knowing how.

This subject has been a passion of mine for many years.

I am offering two Breathing Dynamics courses; one indoors, and one in a pool, to help you optimise your breathing and experience greater energy, relaxation, health and performance.

The indoor session for health, relaxation and midfulness will be held in the Peter Troy Room at the Grant Pavillion, 1 Merrijig Dve, Torquay (behind the council offices). It is a 10 week course, run every Tuesday evening from 7.30-8.45pm starting Tuesday 24th June.

The pool session for surfers and sportspeople will be held at the Torquay Swim School, 35 Baines Cres. Torquay. It is also a 10 week course, run every Thurdsay evening from 7.30-8.45pm starting Thursday 26th June.

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