Breathing Dynamics Course for Surfers and Sports People

Breathing Dynamics Course for Surfers and Sporting Performance at One Lifestyle, RACV, Torquay. Starting Wednesday 14th October

I am excited to be offering an 8 week Breathing Dynamics course for surfers and sporting performance on a Wednesday evening at RACV Torquay resort.

Breathing has been described as the ‘last frontier’ of exploration of sporting performance.

Most people do not realise that they breathe at only 50-75% of their physiological and biological potential at best.

More and more research has started to come out suggesting that if we unlock this unused potential we can experience many benefits for sporting performance, including:

  1. Great use of full lung volume for gas exchange.
  2. Ability to operate at lower breathing and heart rates at higher levels of exercise.
  3. Greater efficiency of oxygen to cells for energy production.
  4. Ability to hold the breath for extended periods of time.
  5. Delayed lactic acid onset and greater buffering of lactic acid.
  6. More relaxation during exercise.
  7. Greater access to ‘zone’ states during sporting performance.
  8. Increased core stabilisation via diaphragm control.

The course will suit both water based (surfers, swimmers, paddlers etc.) and land based (cyclists, runners, football players, yogis etc.) as we will mix up activities.

Both members and non-members of One Lifestyle at RACV Torquay are welcome to participate.