Athlete Nutrtion

Nutrition for Athletes

One of my main specialties is doing a lot of nutritional work with athletes to maximise performance from competition and training, enhance recovery and improve energy levels all round. The athletes nutrition is the focus (both day-to-day, pre and during competition) with Bio-Impedance analysis being a fantastic tool to very accurately monitor body composition (muscle & fat mass and water levels) and cellular heath components (looking at levels of inflammation, metabolic efficiency etc).

In addition, I use a range of the highest quality natural (and entirely legal re: WADA) supplements to enhance performance and recovery, as well as keeping the immune system robust. We have also added advanced breathing retraining methods based on Nobel Prize winning research and using pioneering biofeedback technology to maximise oxygen utilisation at the cellular level (and therefore energy production by these cells). This not only increases efficiency of the work being performed, but delays lactic acid onset.

Linked is an article I wrote for Triathlon and Multisport Magazine on athlete nutrition featured in a section titled ‘Winning Ways’.